Re: [PATCH v5 21/22] MIPS: generic: Add support for Mobileye EyeQ5

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在2023年12月15日十二月 下午4:52,Gregory CLEMENT写道:
>> ^ I still think by doing this you are risking overriding starting address
>> for all other generic systems. make 32r6_defconfig will load config files
>> of all boards.
> I think at a point you mentioned a way to remove the eyeq5 config board
> from the 32r6_defconfig. It would be indeed a good solution.
Unfortunately we don't have such mechanism for now :-(

>> Perhaps just provide an eqm5_defconfig will work better?
> So you mean a defconfig in direclty in arch/mips/configs/ and not
> anymore in arch/mips/configs/generic ?
Yep. I think that's the only fesiable way.

> Gregory
>> Thanks.
>> -- 
>> - Jiaxun
> -- 
> Gregory Clement, Bootlin
> Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering

- Jiaxun

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