Re: [PATCH 09/11] MIPS: mobileye: Add EPM5 device tree

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On Wed, Oct 4, 2023, at 18:10, Gregory CLEMENT wrote:
> +
> +	chosen {
> +		bootargs = "cca=5 earlycon console=ttyAMA2 ddr32_alias=0x40000000";
> +		stdout-path = "serial2:115200n8";
> +	};
> +

The bootargs should not be needed here, at least most of them:

- no need to set both console= and the stdout-path if you have
  earlycon support

- ddr32_alias=0x40000000 sounds like something that should be
  part of the dtb elsewhere and not require a command line argument.
  I assume this is needed to even build?

- For cca=, it looks like this is intended to be autodetected from
  the c0_config register. Does that not work for you for some reason?


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