Re: [PATCH v2] dt-bindings: interrupt-controller: loongson,liointc: Fix warnings about liointc-2.0

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On 02/09/2023 08:32, Jianmin Lv wrote:
> Each IRQ source of liointc may be routed to different IRQ source of 
> cpuintc, for implementing this, bit mapping between liointc and cpuintc 
> is required, and the mapping information is used for liointc IRQ routing 
> register setting. It seems that interrupt-map can not pass the mapping 
> to driver in current driver/of code,  so the mapping is used in a 
> non-standard way(of cause, underscore style may be changed in dts and 
> driver).
> IMO, hardcode routing completely in driver is not flexible and not 

"not recommended" by whom?

> recommended, and if possible, keep current map unchanged please.

You could have proposed that time, when review was happening. The
property was added AFTER review, so the review was invalidated.

Drop the property and use interrupt-map. Eventually change it to
something acceptable which will PASS review, not bypass it.

Best regards,

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