Re: build error with DECSTATION and FB_MAXINE

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Hi Randy,

> the build fails due to the use of the KSEG1ADDR() macro, which is only
> defined for 32BIT:
> In file included from ../drivers/video/fbdev/maxinefb.c:34:
> ../drivers/video/fbdev/maxinefb.c: In function 'maxinefb_ims332_write_register':
> ../include/video/maxinefb.h:16:41: error: implicit declaration of function 'KSEG1ADDR'; did you mean 'CKSEG1ADDR'? [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]

 Thanks for the report.

> Any suggestions or patches for this?

 Sigh.  Many years ago I foolishly declined an offer for such hardware, so 
I have no way to verify the driver and it would benefit indeed from a 
rewrite such as one I made a few years ago for all the other DECstation 
video devices we have in the tree and which I have specimens for.  I do 
have a suitable R4k CPU module I could use with such a system to verify 
64-bit operation of the driver though.

 So I think for the time being we ought to just heed the advice given by 
the compiler and replace the KSEG1ADDR reference with CKSEG1ADDR, as this 
is a platform device really you won't find in a non-MIPS machine, though 
the proper way would be by using `ioremap' really.  I'll make a patch.

 I don't have much hope to find such hardware as it was rare in the first 
place, but maybe one day, who knows?


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