[ANN] Media Summit 2024: where to hold it?

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Hi all,

Normally we like to have a one day Media Summit meeting co-located with
the Embedded Linux Conference Europe, however there isn't one this year.
Instead of organizing an ELC both in North America and in Europe each
year, the Linux Foundation switched to alternating between NA and Europe,
and this year it is in North America.

The problem is that most media subsystem developers are based in Europe
for some strange reason.

So we have to make a choice this year: we can co-locate with the gStreamer
and XDC conference in Montreal, Canada on October 7 or 8, or we can
organize a meeting somewhere in Europe ourselves. One possibility is
to try and co-locate with the Open Source Summit Europe/LPC conferences
in Vienna, Austria in the week of September 16-20. Another is just to
organize something ourselves somewhere in Europe. But that's a last resort,
co-locating with a conference is generally more appealing for people.

The advantage of picking Montreal is that the gStreamer conference is
more applicable to the work we do, and we can get a meeting room there
free of charge. Besides, I've never been to Montreal :-)

But can we get enough of the core media maintainers there? There is no
point otherwise. I suspect that the same company travel constraints that
were present last year are still in force this year.

If we pick Vienna instead (assuming we can get a meeting room for a decent
price), would that work better?

So if you are a core media maintainer, or an active media developer interested
in joining a Media Summit, please let me know if:

1) Montreal, October 7 or 8, works for me!
2) Vienna, one day in the period September 16-20, works for me!

Please respond asap, I'd like to get a clear picture soon, ideally by the end
of next week.



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