Re: LLVM buildbot for m68k backend has been moved to production

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On 1/20/23 15:17, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
For a number of weeks, the LLVM buildbot which cross-compiles the M68K backend
has been "green", i.e. builds and testsuite have passed without problems [1].

As a consequence, I have asked the admin of the LLVM buildbot master server to
move our buildbot from staging to production. After receiving approval yesterday,
I moved the buildbot to production now [2].

Another step forward in maturing the M68K backend in LLVM. More news on the backend
coming soon, I'm preparing a longer report.

Good job, Adrian.

Thanks for the praise which, of course, should be mainly given to Min and Sheng who
are maintaining the backend in LLVM.

Since that work requires a lot of time and effort, I am inviting everyone to support
their work through Open Collective [1] or Patreon [2]. It's well worth the money if
you spend $10 or $20 a month.



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