[PATCH v18 0/3] Add MediaTek MT6370 PMIC support

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This patch series add MediaTek MT6370 LED indicator and flashlight support.
The MT6370 is a highly-integrated smart power management IC, which includes
a single cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer switching battery charger, a
USB Type-C & Power Delivery (PD) controller, dual Flash LED current
sources, a RGB LED driver, a backlight WLED driver, a display bias
driver and a general LDO for portable devices.

In this series, the following patches have been applied,
- 'dt-binding: mfd' and 'mfd driver' have been applied by Lee in v7.

- 'tcpci driver' has been applied by Greg in v8.

- 'dt-binding: backlight' and 'backlight driver' have been applied
  by Lee in v9.

- 'dt-binding: charger', 'charger driver' and 'linear_range.h' patch have
  been applied by Sebastian in v11.

- 'dt-binding: leds: LED Indicator' and 'dt-binding: leds: LED Flash' have
  been applied by Rob in v12.

- 'ADC driver' has been applied by Jonathan in v14.

In addition, we made some changes for MT6370 Flash/RGB drivers and document.
(see v18 section of the change log below).

Thank you,
ChiaEn Wu
Change in v18:
- In Patch 1/3 (MT6370 LED Indicator):
	- Rename 'MT6370_VENID_MASK' to more human readable
	- Define the const number vid.
	- Unwrap each line by 100 chars limit.
	- Remove the redudant space in 'mt6370_gen_breath_pattern()' comment for
	  patterh data allocation.
	- Define a sub function 'mt6370_assign_multicolor_info()' to tidy up
	  'mt6370_init_led_properties()' for multicolor case.
	- Define a sub function 'mt6370_multicolor_led_register' to tidy up
	  'mt6370_led_register()' for multicolor case.
	- Refine 'fwnode_handle_put' in probe function with 'goto'.

- In Patch 2/3 (MT6370 Flash):
	- Unwrap each line by 100 chars limit.
	- For joint flash, add more comments above the source code.
	- Remove 'sentinel' comment in of_device_id table declaration.

- In Patch 3/3 (Document of MT6370 LED Indicator):
	- Revise the text in document title and description.

Change in v17:
- In Patch 1/3 (MT6370 LED Indicator):
	- Update the year of Copyright from 2022 to 2023

- In Patch 2/3 (MT6370 Flash):
	- Update the year of Copyright from 2022 to 2023

- In Patch 3/3 (Document of MT6370 LED Indicator):
	- Add MT6370 RGB LED document for describing how the pattern works,
	  each timing period, and the pattern diagram.

Change in v16:
- In Patch 1/2 (MT6370 LED Indicator):
	- Remove blank line in the head text.
	- Move 'pwm_duty' to descrease the size of struct mt6370_pdata.
	- Move the field 'F_RGB_EN' write out from if/else in
	- Remove 'dev' in struct mt6370_priv.
	- Remove the proprety reading for 'linux,default-trigger', led core
	  already did it.
	- Change the module license from 'GPL v2' to 'GPL'
	  In the head text, already deslcred SPDX license as 'GPL-2.0-only'.

- In Patch 2/2 (MT6370 Flash):
	- Remove blank line in the head text.
	- For enum, declared the first element as 0
	- Remove unusd default state and state define.
	- For mt6370_priv, 'dev' member only be used once. Remove it.
	- Refine assign operator for '?:', no need to use brackets for the
	- Refine '_mt6370_flash_brightness_set' function for else case.
	- Modify 'struct led_flash_setting *setting' to 'struct
	  led_flash_setting *s'. This can reduce line count.
	- Remove the revert logic in 'mt6370_strobe_set' function.
	  No need to do it.
	- Remove mutex usage in timeout_set and fault_get.
	  Regmap lock already protect it.
	- Add default label for switch case in fault_get.
	- Directly assign fwnode as the parameter for 'mt6370_led_register' and
	- Due to struct mt6370_priv 'dev' member removed, pass 'dev' as the
	  input parameter for 'mt6370_init_flash_config'.
	- For some if judgement, remove 'num > MT6370_MAX_LEDS'.
	  There's no need to check it. The below code already protect it.
	- Group mt6360 and mt6370 in Makefile.
	- SPDX already declared as 'GPL v2-only', change MODULE_LICENSE to
	- Add one more author for ChiYuan Huang.

Change in v15:
- In Patch 2/2 (MT6370 Flash):
        - Remove 'depends on LEDS_CLASS_FLASH || !LEDS_CLASS_FLASH' in Kconfig

Change in v14:
- In Patch 3/3 (MT6370 Flash):
        - Remove unused 'depend on OF' in Kconfig

Change in v13:
- In Patch 1/5 (dt-bindings: MT6370 LED Indicator):
        - Remove 'allOf' property
        - Add '$ref' and 'unevaluatedProperties: false' in 'multi-led'

Change in v12:
- In Patch 5/5 (MT6370 Flash):
        - Rename all 'led_flash_setting *s' --> 'led_flash_setting *setting'
        - Rename 'max_uA' --> 'max_ua' in mt6370_init_flash_properties()

Change in v11:
- In Patch 1/8 (dt-bindings: MT6370 Charger):
        - Add more detailed description of irqs.
        - Adujust the order of irqs

Change in v10:
- In Patch 6/8 (MT6370 Charger):
        - Add a feature (disable input current limit) in
        - Add the header file <linux/devm-helpers.h> for using
          'devm_work_autocancel()' and 'devm_delayed_work_autocancel()
        - Rename 'pwr_rdy' to 'opposite_pwr_rdy' in
        - Rename enum elements
          ('MT6370_ATTACH_STAT_ATTACH_BC12_NOT_DONE' -->
        - Revise the assignment value of 'val.intval' in
          'mt6370_chg_pwr_rdy_check()' to make the code easy to read.
        - Revise the initialization of bc12_work (INIT_WORK() -->
          using devm_work_autocancel()) and mivr_dwork
          (INIT_DELAYED_WORK + devm_add_action_or_reset() -->

- In Patch 8/8 (MT6370 LED Flashlight):
        - Add the revert code when '__mt6370_flash_brightness_set()'
          return failed.
        - Revise type of 'led_no' (u32 -> u8)
        - Revise type of 'default_state' (u32 -> enum led_default_state)
        - Revise the return value of '_mt6370_flash_brightness_set()'
        - Remove the useless function 'mt6370_init_common_properties()'
        - Use 'led_init_default_state_get()' to init 'led->default_state'

Changes in v9:
- In Patch 05/10:
        - Revise LINEAR_RANGE() and LINEAR_RANGE_IDX()

- In Patch 07/10:
        - Fix wrong 'F_IINLMTSEL' setting in 'mt6370_chg_init_setting()'
        - Revise the usage of LINEAR_RANGE_IDX()

- In Patch 09/10:
        - Revise the format of the comments.

- In Patch 10/10:
        - Revise the format of the comments.

Changes in v8:
- In Patch 06/12:
        - Add linear_range_idx macro for declaring the linear_range
          struct simply.

- In Patch 09/12:
        - Remove MT6370_CHG_LINEAR_RANGE() macro, and change to use
          LINEAR_RANGE_IDX() macro

- In Patch 10/12:
        - Add include header file <linux/leds.h>
        - Remove useless 'enum mt6370_state' because of using 'enum led_default_state'
        - Revise the calculation of 'val' in 'mt6370_gen_breath_pattern()'
        - Replace the medthod of getting default-state by using

- In Patch 11/12:
        - Add missing 'dependency config' in Kconfig
        - Revise all multi-line comments

- In Patch 12/12:
        - Add missing header file <linux/property.h>
        - Remove useledd header file <linux/of_device.h>
        - Revise the comment of 'mt6370_check_vendor_info()'

Changes in v7:
- In Patch 05/13:
        - Add the second compatible string for 'mt6372'
        - Add 'mediatek,bled-exponential-mode-enable' property for enable the
          exponential mode of backlight brightness
        - Add validation for the maximum value of 'default-brightness' and

- In Patch 07/13:
        - Move '#define MT6370_REG_MAXADDR' to the next line of
          '#define MT6370_REG_CHG_MASK1'
        - Rename 'MT6370_REG_ADDRLEN' to 'MT6370_MAX_ADDRLEN'

- In Patch 08/13:
        - Revise 'devm_add_action_or_reset(dev, ...)' to one line
        - Revise 'return regmap_update_bits(...)' with using positive

- In Patch 09/13:
        - Add AICR(100mA ~ 350mA), ICHG(100mA ~ 800mA) macros
        - Remove 400mA AICR and 900mA ICHG macros
        - Revise using 'if-else' to 'switch-case' in mt6370_adc_read_scale()
          where the adc channel is ibus or ibat

- In Patch 10/13:
        - Revise the method to enable/disable irq
        - Revise all 'if (ret < 0)' to 'if (ret)' after using
        - Revise all 'OTG' text again

- In Patch 11/13:
        - Add the comment for the union of 'struct mt6370_led'
        - Revise the wrong description of 'Authors'
        - Revise some typos (e.g. led --> LED)
        - Revise 'if (!fwnode_property_read_string())' to
          'ret = fwnode_property_read_string()'
        - Replace 'memcpy(...)' with 'put_unaligned_be24()' in
        - Replace all 'LED_OFF' with 0
        - Remove the redundant assignment in mt6370_mc_pattern_clear()

- In Patch 12/13:
        - Fix the indentation.
        - For the well defined macro, the parenthesis is needed for input parameters.
        - Replace some dev_warn to dev_info in 'init_flash_properties'.
        - Add sentinel comment for the terminator entry of of_device_id.
        - Use priv->fled_torch_used directly.
        - Delete 0 in {}.
        - Use _uA instead of _UA in definition.
        - Refine the description.
        - Use usleep_range instead of udelay.
        - Rename config to LEDS_MT6370_FLASH.
        - Add missing ">" in copyright.
        - Change the Kconfig order

- In Patch 13/13:
        - Add support 'exponential mode' property parsing
        - Add 'return dev_err_probe()' after 'if (IS_ERR(priv->enable_gpio))'
        - Add 'mt6372' compatible string
        - Revise Kconfig help text
        - Revise update()/get() for supporting 16384 steps (MT6372)
        - Revise all shift usages form using 'ffs() and fls()' to defining the
          _SHIFT macros.
        - Revise 'brightness ? 1 : 0' to '!!brightness' in gpiod_set_value()

Changes in v6:
- In Patch 03/13:
        - Add 'reg' property of led of multi-led to prevent checking

- In Patch 08/13:
        - Convert tcpci as device resource managed with
          'devm_add_action_or_reset' api.
        - Refine remvoe callback.
        - Refine the commit text from 'this commit add' to 'add'.

- In Patch 09/13:
        - Using 'struct device *dev = &pdev->dev' in probe()
        - Revise the sixth parameter of regmap_read_poll_timeout() by
          Replacing '1000' with 'MILLI'
        - Revise the units of three macros
        - MT6370_AICR_400MA --> MT6370_AICR_400_mA
        - MT6370_ICHG_500MA --> MT6370_ICHG_500_mA
        - MT6370_ICHG_900MA --> MT6370_ICHG_900_mA

- In patch 10/13:
        - Remove the varable (*psy_desc) of struct mt6370_priv
        - Remove the deprecated usb type (POWER_SUPPLY_TYPE_USB_CDP and
        - Remove useless remove()
        - Revise all units from mini- to micro-
        - Revise get/set power_supply_prop (change to directly return get/set
        - Revise probe() and use devm_add_action_or_reset() for handling of the
        - Revise mt6370_chg_psy_desc
                - Add '.name = "mt6370-charger"'
                - Use 'static const'

- In patch 11/13:
        - Remove the 'ko' from mt6370 led Kconfig description.
        - Add both authors for Alice and ChiYuan.
        - Use pdata to distinguish the code from mt6370/71 to mt6372.
        - Instead of 'state' define, use the 'state' enum.
        - Fix the typo for 'MT6372_PMW_DUTY'.
        - For pwm_duty define, replace with bit macro - 1.
        - Refine all the labels from 'out' to 'out_unlock'.
        - Use struct 'dev' variable and 'dev_err_probe' to optimize the LOC.
        - Revise for the array initialization from {0} to {}.
        - Move into rgb folder and rename file name to 'leds-mt6370-rgb'.
        - Refine the 'comma' usage in struct/enum.

- In patch 12/13:
        - Use 'GENMASK' instead of 'BIT'.
        - Use dev_err_probe to decrease LOC.
        - Use 'dev' variable to make probe function more clean.
        - Refine the return of _mt6370_flash_brightness_set function.
        - Refine the descriptions.
        - Use mt6370_clamp() instead of clamp_align().
        - Use device resource managed API for v4l2 flash_release.

Changes in v5:
- In patch 07/13:
        - Add the comma in the last REGMAP_IRQ_REG_LINE(),
        - Add the prefix in the first parameter of all mfd_cell
        - Move enum and struct mt6370_info to mt6370.h
        - Remove struct device *dev in struct mt6370_info
        - Revise the description of Kconfig help text
        - Revise MODULE_DESCRIPTION()

- In patch 08/13:
        - Add comma for the last index of mt6370_reg_init.
        - Use dev_err_probe to decrease LOC.
        - Use 'dev' variable to make probe function more clean.
        - Refine kconfig text.
        - Remove both 'else' in set_vbus callback.
        - Remove comma for of_device_id if the assigned member is only one.

- In patch 09/13:
        - Replace using snprintf() with sysfs_emit() in mt6370_adc_read_label()
        - Remove macro ADC_CONV_TIME_US
        - Revise all variable ordering
        - Revise the description of Kconfig help text
        - Revise MODULE_DESCRIPTION()

- In patch 10/13:
        - Replace unsigned int type of pwr_rdy with bool in
        - Remove redundant 'else' in mt6370_chg_field_get()
        - Revise 'if-else' in mt6370_chg_field_set()
        - Revise 'if' condition in mt6370_chg_enable_irq()
        - Revise all text 'otg' --> 'OTG'
        - Revise MT6370_MIVR_IBUS_TH_100_MA --> MT6370_MIVR_IBUS_TH_100_mA
        - Revise the description of Kconfig help text

- In patch 12/13:
        - Refine the coding style.
        - Use "dev" instead of "&pdev->dev".

- In patch 13/13:
        - Add missed <mod_devicetable.h>
        - Add struct device *dev in probe() to make code cleaning
        - Remove useless including header file <gpio/driver.h>, <of.h>
        - Remove useless variable uasage in mt6370_init_backlight_properties()
        - Remove redundant checking enable_gpio in mt6370_bl_update_status()
        - Remove redundant parentheses in mt6370_bl_get_brightness()
        - Revise the description of Kconfig help text
        - Revise the calculation of hys_th_steps

Changes in v4:
- In patch 02/13:
        - Add minItems of "io-channel-names"
        - Replace text "Mediatek" with "MediaTek"

- In patch 06/13:
        - Roll back all "$ref: " to v2 patch style (using "/schemas/...")

- In patch 07/13:
        - Replace text "Mediatek" with "MediaTek" in Kconfig
        - Replace "first break and then return" with "return directly"
          in "mt6370_check_vendor_info()"
        - Add module name related description in Kconfig helptext
        - Add Copyright in the source code
        - Add header file "mt6370.h" for all "#define IRQ"
        - Adjust Makefile order of MT6370
        - Refine "bank_idx" and "bank_addr" in
          "mt6375_regmap_read()" / "mt6375_regmap_write()"
        - Refine redundant "else if" in "mt6370_regmap_read()"

- In patch 08/13:
        - Replace text "Mediatek" with "MediaTek" in Kconfig
        - Replace "first ret=regulator_(dis/en)able and then return"
          with "return directly" in "mt6370_tcpc_set_vbus()"
        - Replace header file <linux/of.h> with <linux/mod_devicetable.h>
        - Add Copyright in the source code
        - Add module name related description in Kconfig helptext
        - Remove header file <linux/of.h>
        - Refine all probe error by using dev_err_probe()

- In patch 09/13:
        - Replace text "Mediatek" with "MediaTek"
        - Replace all "first dev_err() and then return" with
          "return dev_err_probe()"
        - Add Copyright in the source code
        - Add module name related description in Kconfig
        - Add unit suffix of macro "ADC_CONV_POLLING_TIME"
        - Add new macro "ADC_CONV_TIME_MS"
        - Adjust the position of include file <mediatek,mt6370_adc.h>
        - Adjust the postions between <linux/module.h> and
        - Fix some incorrect characters

- In patch 10/13:
        - Replace text "Mediatek" with "MediaTek" in Kconfig and
        - Replace "mt6370_chg_val_to_reg" and "mt6370_chg_reg_to_val"
          with "linear_range" API
        - Replace "first break and then return" with "return directly"
          in all cases of get/set power_supply_property
        - Replace all "first dev_err() and then return" with "return
        - Replace all "return IS_ERR(priv->rdev) ? PTR_ERR(priv->rdev) : 0"
          with "PTR_ERR_OR_ZERO()"
        - Replace "priv->dev->of_node" with "dev_of_node()"
        - Add Copyright in the source code
        - Add module name related description in Kconfig helptext
        - Add proper unit of "MT6370_MIVR_IBUS_TH"
        - Add error check in "mt6370_chg_get_status"
        - Remove including <mediatek,mt6370_adc.h> header file
        - Remove redundant comma of every enum terminator line
        - Remove unwanted blank lines
        - Remove the useless label (toggle_cfo_exit:)
        - Remove using atomic
        - Remove using of_match_ptr()
        - Fix some incorrect characters
        - Fix updating wrong bits when using ena_gpiod of OTG regulator
        - Adjust the probe order in probe()

- In patch 11/13:
        - Replace text "Mediatek" with "MediaTek" in Kconfig
        - Replace text "const" with "constant" in Kconfig
        - Add Copyright in the source code

- In patch 12/13:
        - Replace text "Mediatek" with "MediaTek" in Kconfig
        - Add Copyright in the source code

- In patch 13/13:
        - Replace text "Mediatek" with "MediaTek" in Kconfig
        - Add Copyright in the source code
        - Revise the comment of "PWM HYS STEPS"

Changes in v3:
- Remove ADC ABI file, which is added in v2 Patch 7
- In patch 02/14:
        - Add items and remove maxItems of io-channels
        - Add io-channel-names and describe each item
        - Add "unevaluatedProperties: false" in "usb-otg-vbus-regulator"
        - Rename "enable-gpio" to "enable-gpios" in "usb-otg-vbus-regulator"

- In patch 03/14:
        - Use leds-class-multicolor.yaml instead of common.yaml.
        - Split multi-led and led node.
        - Add subdevice "led" in "multi-led".

- In patch 04/14:
        - Remove the description of enum.

- In patch 05/14:
        - Rename "mediatek,bled-pwm-hys-input-threshold-steps" to
        - Refine "bled-pwm-hys-input-th-steps", "bled-ovp-microvolt",
          "bled-ocp-microamp" enum values

- In patch 06/14:
        - Use " in entire patchset
        - Refine ADC description
        - Rename "enable-gpio" to "enable-gpios" in "regualtor"

- In patch 07/14:
        - Refine Kconfig help text
        - Refine error message of unknown vendor ID in
        - Refine return value handling of mt6370_regmap_read()
        - Refine all probe error by using dev_err_probe()
        - Refine "bank_idx" and "bank_addr" in mt6370_regmap_read() and
        - Add "#define VENID*" and drop the comments in
        - Drop "MFD" in MODULE_DESCRIPTION()

- In patch 09/14:
        - Refine Kconfig help text

- In patch 10/14:
        - Refine Kconfig help text
        - Refine all channel value in read_scale()
                a. current: uA --> mA
                b. voltage: uV --> mV
                c. temperature: degrees Celsius --> milli degrees Celsius
        - Add "default:" condition of switch statement in read_scale() and read_raw()
        - Add error message for reading ADC register failed
        - Add the comment for adc_lock
        - Add <linux/mod_devicetable.h> header file for struct of_device_id
        - Replace "adc" text with "ADC" in all of the error messages

- In patch 12/14:
        - Refine the grammer of the Kconfig.
        - Change reg mode to the const current mode.

- In patch 14/14:
        - Refine bool properties parsing (pwm-enable, ovp-shutdown, ocp-shutdown) in DT
          parsing function
        - Refine u32 and u8 properties parsing (pwm-hys-input-th-steps, ovp-microvolt,
          ocp-microamp), from using register value to using actual value
        - Refine error string of "channle-use" parsing failed
        - Refine Kconfig help text

Changes in v2:
- In patch 01/15:
        - Add "unevaluatedProperties: false".
        - Delete "DT bindings".
        - Refine the description to fit in 80 columns.
        - Skip the connector description.

- In patch 02/15:
        - Refine items description of interrupt-name
        - Rename "usb-otg-vbus" to "usb-otg-vbus-regulator"
        - Add constraint properties for ADC

- In patch 03/15:
        - Skip not useful description of "^(multi-)?led@[0-3]$"
          and reg.
        - Due to the dependency, remove the mention of mfd
          document directory.
        - Delete Soft-start property. In design aspect, we think
          soft-restart should always be enabled, our new chip
          has deleted the related setting register , also, we don’t
          allow user adjust this parameter in this chip.
        - Refine the commit message.

- In patch 04/15:
        - Skip not useful description of "^led@[0-1]$" and reg.
        - Add apace after '#'.
        - Refine the commit message.

- In patch 05/15:
        - Remove "binding documentation" in subject title
        - Refine description of mt6370 backlight binding
        - Refine properties name(bled-pwm-hys-input-bit,
          bled-ovp-microvolt, bled-ocp-microamp) and their

- In patch 06/15:
        - Refine ADC and Regulator descriptions
        - Refine include header usage in example
        - Refine node name to generic node name("pmic@34")
        - Refine led example indentation
        - Refine license of mediatek,mt6370_adc.h
        - Rename the dts example from IRQ define to number.
        - Remove mediatek,mt6370.h

- In patch 07/15:
        - Add ABI documentation for mt6370 non-standard ADC
          sysfs interfaces.

- In patch 08/15:
        - Add all IRQ define into mt6370.c.
        - Refine include header usage

- In patch 09/15:
        - No changes.

- In patch 10/15:
        - Use 'gpiod_get_from_of_node' to replace

- In patch 11/15:
        - Refine Kconfig mt6370 help text
        - Refine mask&shift to FIELD_PREP()
        - Refine mutex lock name ("lock" -> "adc_lock")
        - Refine mt6370_adc_read_scale()
        - Refine mt6370_adc_read_offset()
        - Refine mt6370_channel_labels[] by using enum to index
          chan spec
        - Refine MT6370_ADC_CHAN()
        - Refine indio_dev->name
        - Remove useless include header files

- In patch 12/15:
        - Refine mt6370_chg_otg_rdesc.of_match
          ("mt6370,otg-vbus" -> "usb-otg-vbus-regulator") to match
          DT binding

- In patch 13/15:
        - Refine Kconfig description.
        - Remove include "linux/of.h" and use
        - Place a comma for the last element of the const
          unsigned int array.
        - Add a comment line for the mutex 'lock'.
        - In probe function, use 'dev_err_probe' in some
          judgement to reduce the LOC.
        - Refine include header usage.
          BIT/GENMASK -> linux/bits.h
          FIELD_GET -> linux/bitfield.h

- In patch 14/15:
        - Add blank line.
        - Replace container_of() with to_mt6370_led() .
        - Refine description of ramping.
        - Refine the mt6370_init_common_properties function.
        - Refine the probe return.

- In patch 15/15:
        - Refine MT6370 help text in Kconfig
        - Refine DT Parse function
        - Remove useless enum
        - Add comment for 6372 backward compatible in
          bl_update_status() and
        - Using dev_err_probe(); insteads dev_err()&return; in
          the probe()

 Documentation/leds/leds-mt6370-rgb.rst |   64 ++
 drivers/leds/flash/Kconfig             |   13 +
 drivers/leds/flash/Makefile            |    1 +
 drivers/leds/flash/leds-mt6370-flash.c |  573 ++++++++++++++++++
 drivers/leds/rgb/Kconfig               |   13 +
 drivers/leds/rgb/Makefile              |    1 +
 drivers/leds/rgb/leds-mt6370-rgb.c     | 1010 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 7 files changed, 1675 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 Documentation/leds/leds-mt6370-rgb.rst
 create mode 100644 drivers/leds/flash/leds-mt6370-flash.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/leds/rgb/leds-mt6370-rgb.c


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