Re: [PATCH] iio: industrialio-core: look for aliases to request device index

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On 28/02/2024 06:12, Dominique Martinet wrote:
> From: Syunya Ohshio <syunya.ohshio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> When using dtb overlays it can be difficult to predict which iio device
> will get assigned what index, and there is no easy way to create
> symlinks for /sys nodes through udev so to simplify userspace code make
> it possible to request fixed indices for iio devices in device tree.

Please use subject prefixes matching the subsystem. You can get them for
example with `git log --oneline -- DIRECTORY_OR_FILE` on the directory
your patch is touching.

Please run scripts/ and fix reported warnings. Some
warnings can be ignored, but the code here looks like it needs a fix.
Feel free to get in touch if the warning is not clear.

> For platforms without device trees of_alias_get_id will just fail and
> ida_alloc_range will behave as ida_alloc currently does.
> For platforms with device trees, they can not set an alias, for example
> this would try to get 10 from the ida for the device corresponding to
> adc2:
> aliases {
>   iio10 = &adc2
> };

Sorry, that's why you have labels and compatibles.

Best regards,

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