[PATCH 0/5] iio: move IIO to the cleanup.h magic

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This series moves the main IIO core files to the new cleanup.h
macros for acquiring and automatically releasing mutexes. This results (in
some cases) in way simpler code paths.

I think the overall result is fairly neat (mainly in inkern.c).

One thing to mention is in the iio_event_getfd() function. We might be
changing the return code. Before we directly returned the error code
returned by mutex_lock_interruptible(). Now we return -EINTR. And this
is something visible by userspace so it might mean an ABI breakage.

Having said the above, looking at the mutex_lock_interruptible() docs it
seems we either return 0 or -EINTR. Not sure if that is really truth
(but it does makes sense). On top of that, I would also say it's very
unlikely for someone to be relying on an error code return by a locking
function but who knows... Anyways, this is something worth mentioning.

Next goal is to convert the code under iio/buffer/

Nuno Sa (5):
      iio: core: move to cleanup.h magic
      iio: events: move to the cleanup.h magic
      iio: trigger: move to the cleanup.h magic
      iio: buffer: iio: core: move to the cleanup.h magic
      iio: inkern: move to the cleanup.h magic

 drivers/iio/industrialio-buffer.c  | 105 +++++++----------
 drivers/iio/industrialio-core.c    |  52 ++++-----
 drivers/iio/industrialio-event.c   |  42 +++----
 drivers/iio/industrialio-trigger.c |  64 +++++------
 drivers/iio/inkern.c               | 224 ++++++++++++-------------------------
 5 files changed, 172 insertions(+), 315 deletions(-)
base-commit: bd2f1ed8873d4bbb2798151bbe28c86565251cfb
change-id: 20240216-iio-use-cleanup-magic-29fc666a142b

- Nuno Sá

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