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On 3/15/23 07:03, Dan Carpenter wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 15, 2023 at 03:17:28PM +0200, Menna Mahmoud wrote:
>> Hi Mentors,
>> I am Menna, Outreachy applicant and I work on my clean-up patches.
>> Is it Okay to work on this error reported by checkpatch script?
>> drivers/staging/iio/frequency/ad9832.c
>> --------------------------------------
>> ERROR: Use 4 digit octal (0777) not decimal permissions
>> #256: FILE: drivers/staging/iio/frequency/ad9832.c:256:
>> +static IIO_DEV_ATTR_FREQ(0, 1, 0200, NULL, ad9832_write, AD9832_FREQ1HM);
> What???  Is it complaining about the 0200?  That is octal.  Why is
> checkpatch complaining about this?  Am I wrong?  Maybe I am misreading.
> I could investigate, but I am leaving that task to you.  It may be that
> checkpatch has a problem and you can fix that instead.

Yes, checkpatch seems to be confused here.


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