Re: [PATCH v1 1/2] dt-bindings: iio: adc: adding dt-bindings for PAC193X

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On 06/03/2023 14:53, Marius.Cristea@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi Jonathan,
>    Thank you so much! I'm happy to contribute to IIO.
> I will remove some section because I agree with the propose solution.
> For the rest I will comment below..
> On Sat, 2023-02-25 at 17:17 +0000, Jonathan Cameron wrote:
>>>> +
>>>> +  microchip,samp-rate:
>>>> +    $ref: /schemas/types.yaml#/definitions/uint32
>>>> +    description: Sampling rate for all device's channels.
>>> What are the units? rate is usually in hz, which should be
>>> expressed in
>>> unit suffix (property name)]
>> It's unusual for sampling rate to be a property of the hardware and
>> hence
>> suitable for DT binding. Normally we make this a userspace control
>> instead.
>> If there is a reason for doing it from DT, that wants to be mentioned
>> here.
> Here I could change it into the datarate (as in
> iio/adc/ti,ads1015.yaml). The units are samples per second. My
> intention was to be alingned with the datasheet.
> My intention was to let the user configure the sample rate as soon as
> posile during the startup (the PAC device's own power consumtion will
> increase with the sampling rate - default the chip will start with the
> maximum samples per second).

Then maybe the default should be just lowest rate and user will adjust
it further? Since this is user-space knob, why this should be even
configurable per board?

Best regards,

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