Re: [LSF/MM/BPF TOPIC] finishing up mount API conversions; consistency & logging

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On Wed, May 08, 2024 at 01:32:10PM +0300, Amir Goldstein wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 15, 2024 at 6:59 PM Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > In case this is of interest to anyone I'll propose it.
> >
> > The "new" mount API was merged about 5 years ago, but not all filesystems
> > were converted, so we still have the legacy helpers in place. There has been
> > a slow trickle of conversions, with a renewed interest in completing this
> > task.
> >
> > The remaining conversions are of varying complexity (bcachefs might
> > be "fun!") but other questions remain around how userspace expects to use
> > the informational messages the API provides, what types of messages those
> > should be, and whether those messages should also go to the kernel dmesg.
> > Last I checked, userspace is not yet doing anything with those messages,
> > so any inconsistencies probably aren't yet apparent.
> >
> > There's also the remaining task of getting the man pages completed.
> >
> > There were also some recent questions and suggestions about how to handle
> > unknown mount options, see Miklos' FSOPEN_REJECT_UNKNOWN suggestion. [1]
> >
> > I'm not sure if this warrants a full session, as it's actually quite
> > an old topic. If nothing else, a BOF for those interested might be
> > worthwhile.
> >
> Christian,
> I scheduled a slot for your talk on "Mount API extensions" on Tue 11:30
> before Eric's Mount API conversions session.
> Do you think this is the right order or do you prefer these sessions
> to be swapped?
> Also, this seems like a large topic, so I could try to clear more than
> 30min in the
> schedule for it if you like. the buffer_heads session after your talks
> will probably
> be removed from there anyway.
> I was thinking that we need a followup session for statmount/listmount [1]
> What's still missing (mount change notifications, fsinfo) and what are
> the next steps.
> Are you planning to address those in your session?

Yeah, let's do that in my session. The order is fine by me!

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