Re: EBADF returned from close() by FUSE

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On Tue, 23 Apr 2024 at 15:24, Antonio SJ Musumeci <trapexit@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  From the write(2) manpage (at least on Ubuntu):
> "Other errors may occur, depending on the object connected to fd."
> My argument has been that this note is defacto true generally.


> The specifics of this thread stem from close() returning EBADF to the
> client app while talking to a FUSE server after the open() succeeded
> and, from the point of view of the client app, returned a valid file
> descriptor. Sounds like a bug in the FUSE server rather than something
> FUSE itself needs to worry about.

Return value from close is ignored in 99% of cases.  It is quite hard
to imagine this making real difference to an application. The basic
philosophy of the linux kernel is pragmatism: if it matters in a real
world use case, then we care, otherwise we don't.   I don't think a
server returning EBADF matters in real life, but if it is, then we do
need to take care of it.

> This is not unlike a recent complaint that when link() is not
> implemented libfuse returns ENOSYS rather than EPERM. As I pointed out
> in that situation EPERM is not universally defined as meaning "not
> implemented by filesystem" like used in Linux. Doesn't mean it isn't
> used (I didn't check) but it isn't defined as such in docs.

ENOSYS is a good example where fuse does need to filter out errors,
since applications do interpret ENOSYS  as "kernel doesn't implement
this syscall" and fuse actually uses ENOSYS for a different purpose.


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