Re: [PATCH v4 03/11] fs: Initial atomic write support

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On 26/02/2024 09:13, Ritesh Harjani (IBM) wrote:
maybe generic_atomic_write_valid()?
Having "generic" in the name implies that there are other ways in which
we can check if an atomic write is valid, but really this function
should be good to use in scenarios so far considered.
It means individual FS can call in a generic atomic write validation
helper instead of implementing of their own. Hence generic_atomic_write_valid().

So for e.g. blkdev_atomic_write_valid() function and maybe iomap (or
ext4 or xfs) can use a generic_atomic_write_valid() helper routine to
validate an atomic write request.

ok, fine, I can change the name as suggested.


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