Re: [PATCH v4 03/11] fs: Initial atomic write support

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John Garry <john.g.garry@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On 24/02/2024 18:20, Ritesh Harjani (IBM) wrote:
>>>> Helper function atomic_write_valid() can be used by FSes to verify
>>>> compliant writes.
>> Minor nit.
>> maybe generic_atomic_write_valid()?
> Having "generic" in the name implies that there are other ways in which 
> we can check if an atomic write is valid, but really this function 
> should be good to use in scenarios so far considered.

It means individual FS can call in a generic atomic write validation
helper instead of implementing of their own. Hence generic_atomic_write_valid(). 

So for e.g. blkdev_atomic_write_valid() function and maybe iomap (or
ext4 or xfs) can use a generic_atomic_write_valid() helper routine to
validate an atomic write request.


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