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I run a host/target development environment. On a Debian host, I patch the Linux kernel 3.2.60 with the RT patch and compile it. Afterwards, I move config,, initrd and vmlinuz files to a Debian target.

Now, I would like to compile a kernel module on the target, but the header files are missing.

Linux' Makefile contains the target "headers_install" but this only installs the headers for user space programs under "/usr/include/linux". I need the files referenced by "/lib/modules/<version>/build". Some of the referenced files are also created during Linux' "make" process, e.g. .config, include and Makefile. For pre-compiled kernels in Debian, the headers are combined to a package called "linux-headers-<version>". See here

Is there a distribution-independent way to create or package these files?

Thank you very much.

Benedikt Kleinmeier
Fraunhofer-Institut für Eingebettete Systeme und Kommunikationstechnik ESK

Hansastraße 32 | 80686 München 
Telefon, Fax: +49 89 547088-0 | +49 89 547088-220
E-Mail: benedikt.kleinmeier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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