Re: Why is the deferred initcall patch not mainline?

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On Fri, 24 Oct 2014, Rob Landley wrote:

> On 10/23/14 19:36, Nicolas Pitre wrote:
> > As you know already, you can do anything you want on your own.  That's 
> > granted by the GPL.
> I'm pretty sure I could have done anything I wanted on my own with
> System 6 unix in the 1970's (modulo being 7 years old), since the BSD
> guys _did_ and their stuff is still around (and is powering obscure
> things like the iPhone).

Incidentally there is this thing called Linux powering similarly obscur 
curiosities such as Android, and outnumbering iPhones in terms of units 

So what's your point again?

> And I learned C in 1989 to apply "mod" files to the WWIV bulletin 
> board system (an open source development community that didn't even 
> have the "patch" program).

You needed to pay a license to get the WWIV source code.  At least that 
was the case when I was a sysop in 1993.

> But by all means, credit the GPL for the existence of open source.

Oh my!  Obviously that's exactly what I did, right?

And now you want me to take what you say seriously?

The impression I get from your diatribe is that you might be living in 
the past.  I don't dispute the fact that You had issues with the Linux 
community before, but one has to admit that a _lot_ of people don't. And 
I'm lucky enough to be one of them, and in that context I was trying to 

> Did you notice that there's no such thing as "the GPL" anymore? Linux
> and Samba implement two ends of the same protocol, each one is GPL, and
> they can't share code. Poor QEMU wants to suck GPL processor definitions
> out of binutils/gdb to emulate processors and GPL driver code out of
> Linux to emulate devices, and there _is_ no license that allows it to
> combine code from both sources. (Making qemu "GPLv2 or later" means it
> couldn't accept code from _either_ source.)

And now we're far far away from $subject that started this thread.  
This is going nowhere.

> I'm going to recuse myself from the rest of this thread because I'm
> clearly getting annoyed with us talking past each other. Somebody's got
> an actual patch (which they still haven't linked to). I'll shut up and
> let them show you the code.

On that I agree with you.

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