s2-liplianin with TT S2-3600 gives TS continuity errors on high (niced!) cpu load

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On my kernel, vdr-1.7.0 system I am running the current s2-liplianin drivers. VDR is patched with the vdr-1.7.0-s2api-07102008-h264-clean.diff patch.

I have one TT S2-3600 (usb) card, 2 TT budget cards, and 1 1 TT full feature (1.3) card on my system.

All works fine, BUT when background jobs fill up my system (e.g. Noad, but also cpuburn-in) I get TS continuity errors on the TT-S2-3600 . The background jobs work on lowest (19) priority, all others on normal (0) prio.

This ONLY occurs on the USB card, all PCI cards have no problems with this. It seems some part of the communication between the card and VDR is running on a priority that is too low...

1) Can anyone confirm this kind of behaviour?
2) How can I help to debug this problem?

I already tried vdr-1.7.5 -> same problem
I have used multiproto S2-drivers before, and I can't remember that I had this problem then...

Thanks all for all this beautiful open source software!!!!!

Alle tips en trics. Ontdek nu de nieuwe Windows Live
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