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>Subject:  Best stable DVB-S2 cards
>Forget all that has with stability to do on Linux, it will never
>It is my experience after three years of desperate trying. I have the
>same card and some others. Sometimes they works sometimes no. 24
>running is called High Availability in IT world and can be assured
>by the commercial solutions. Believe me, I spent 14 years in
>Unix and know what I am talking about.
>>I currently have a Azurewave AD-SP400 CI (Twinhan VP-1041)  DVB-S2
>>but I'm not sure if it
>>that stable to have it running 24h every day on a server.
>>I'm looking for a good DVB-S2 card that works out of the box in
>>kernel, does anyone have any good
>>recommendations, both with or without CI. It's important that it is 
>>stable so I don't have to restart the server.
>>I'm running Ubuntu Server 9.04 64-bit with kernel 2.6.28-11-server.

I have three Hauppauge HVR-4000. Two that have been used for DVB-S for about one year and one for DVB-S2 for about half a year without any stability issues.

In the beginning it was a little fiddly with patching v4l-dvb, but support for this card was included in v4l-dvb last autumn and in the 2.6.28 kernel in November or December last year.

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