Problem in accessing EN50221 card registers

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Good hello,
   I have a PCMCIA CAM card on EN50221 standard.
   The card is interfaced to BCM7324 on EBI lines.
    Board detects the card,and it has to get initialised through proper sequence .The sequence follows :set Reset bit and Poll for Ready bit in command Register
The offset of Command Register is 0x1
   the processor address pins and    CAM address pins  are interfaced as follows
  Processor                 CAM Card
  processor does not show A0 .I suppose this is for even address alignement.
CAM memory map for command Register is

   Hence to configure 0x1 offset(Command Register) i do
   *(ioremap(CHIP_SELECT+2,0x4) =value.

  I think CHIP_SELECT+2 should select A0_CAM=1 ;
  Am I right on this?

  But when i read the command register value i don,t get correct value.

  Can someone please tell me if i select the registers properly as
  written above ? Or please suggest me something else to be done .

Warm Regards,


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