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That helped.  In summary, as pointed by Lothar, for proper operation
of rexecd the hostname of the connecting host should be known to the
server through any means like DNS lookup, /etc/hosts etc.

On 8/15/06, Lothar Braun <mail@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Tuesday 15 August 2006 14:27, jassduec@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I checked the output using netstat and it does match to*
> Infact when i do telnet 512, i do get a reply but the
> reply is "Where are you?" followed by connection lost.

Ok. The problem is, that your rexecd doesn't know the hostname that belongs
your private address. And rexecd needs a hostname to operate properly.

Add an dns-entry into the servers /etc/hosts for your private address, and
everything should work fine.

Best regards,

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