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On Tuesday 15 August 2006 12:04, jassduec@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I can also do rlogin/rsh between the two machines using
> the private IP addresses (i.e. 1000mbps interfaces). However when i
> try to rexec between the private IP addresses, i get an error that
> "Where are you?" and connection lost. Why is it that i can do rexec
> between the two machines using the 100mbps interfaces with static
> public IP addresses but cannot do so using the private IP addresses.

An explanation for this is that rlogin/rsh use port 513 while rexec works on 
port 512. It is therefore possible, that rsh/rlogin and rexec work with 
different configurations.

I suppose that your inet-deamon listens on all interfaces for rlogin/rsh, but 
only on your public 100Mbit interface for rexec. 
You can check this via

netstat -tulpen | grep ":512"

This will give you the address range from which your rexecd will accept 
connections from. If this doesn't match* then you'll have to check 
your rexecds configuration.

Best regards,

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