Re: merge two kernel .config 's into one union of the two

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From: terry white <twhite@xxxxxxxxxx>
: on "6-29-2006" "John Lumby" writ:
: but also (of course) a valid .config

   i'm not sure that a trivial task.

: suggest any method at all for achieving this?

    i use the following to find differences in .config files.  it assumes
those copied to "config-[0-9]*".  typically, '[0-9]*' a two digit minor
version number.  you might want to tweak to taste.

fgrep -v \# config-[0-9]* | sort -t ":" -k 2,2 \
| uniq -s 10 -u | sort > config.diff

Thanks Terry - that's a useful script and using that I got a lot closer to completing the merge. I was finally able to use one of the configs in make xconfig, and then use the output of your diff in another window to add in the missing functions from the other config.

And to repay the help, here's part of a script I wrote whose purpose is, given the name of a config parm, to print out the name of the corresponding kernel source file and the help for the parm:

find . -name Kconfig -exec ksh_c 'pline="";fl=' {} ';egrep -e "^config '"${cparm}"'" $fl && echo " from $fl" && sed -ne "/^config '"${cparm}"'/,/^config/ p" $fl| while read line; do { print -- "$pline"; pline="$line"; };done' \;

ksh_c is an executable which simply glues all its parms together into one string and passes it to ksh using ksh -c "string", which is useful when run from inside the -exec option of find.

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