Re: merge two kernel .config 's into one union of the two

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... ciao:

: on "6-29-2006" "John Lumby" writ:
: but also (of course) a valid .config

   i'm not sure that a trivial task.

: suggest any method at all for achieving this?

    i use the following to find differences in .config files.  it assumes
those copied to "config-[0-9]*".  typically, '[0-9]*' a two digit minor
version number.  you might want to tweak to taste.

#       find difference between ./.config files for linux

echo Configuration differences found in \"config.diff\"

fgrep -v \# config-[0-9]* | sort -t ":" -k 2,2 \
| uniq -s 10 -u | sort > config.diff

... i'm a man, but i can change,
    if i have to , i guess ...

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