UDP message boundary

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Hi All

When using TCP socket, I loop send() or recv() until ALL the data has
been transmitted (or error, disconnect, etc.), because TCP socket
packet is transmitted in stream nature, maybe a byte, bytes or all
bytes in one transfer.

The UDP socket preserve message boundary which TCP socket doesn't.
Does this means single call to sendto() will processed by single call
recvfrom()?, and how about packet that exceeds UDP data MAX size?.

So in code, do I need to loop sendto() or recvfrom() to transmit the data?.

Example codes is:

char packet[100];
size_t nbytes = 0;
int ret;

while (nbytes < sizeof(packet)) {
    ret = recvfrom(socket, packet + nbytes, addr, 0,  sizeof(packet) - nbytes);
    if (ret <= 0) {
        /* deal with recvfrom() error */
    nbytes += ret

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