Re: dlopen(3) many threads global variable

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Hicham Mouline wrote:

> There is a .so shared dynamic library the main source file of which contains 
> a global variable.
> In my main funtion, I call dlopen() on the same .so file from 16 different 
> threads. I do nothing to ensure the call is not done at the same time.
> Very roughly speaking (and please can you provide precision if possible), 
> the executable code of the .so file is loaded into the main process virtual 
> memory after the dlopen has succeeded. (Note the main binary is not linked 
> against the .so file)
> Will there be 16 copies of the executable code from the .so file in the 
> process?


> IN particular, will there be 16 copies of the global variable?


Glynn Clements <glynn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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