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Hi, I'm beginner C programmer, i have a problem, i want to store some
information in a integer, a integer will be 32 bit on my machine, i
want to have as follow:

6 bit (information 1)   MSB
4 bit (information 2)
8 bit (information 3)
5 bit (information 4)
9 bit (information 5)   LSB

For example i set the informations as follow (in decimal):

information 1 = 43        or 101011
information 2 = 11        or 1011
information 3 = 120      or 1111000
information 3 = 30        or 11110
information 4 = 418      or 110100010

if i join all informations i should get a 32 bit integer valued
2935782212 or 01010111011111100011110110100010, then my problem is how
to retrieve these informations on bit operation? i want to know what's
the value of information-2 or information-3, etc directly.  And, is
there any good way to join these informations to be an 32 bit integer?

at this time i convert the 32bit integer into binary string, process
it's with array segment to get all informations then convert them to
to build the 32bit integer, i join all information value into binary
string (yes, 32 bit of char ;p) join all of them then convert to

I know my way is sucks and too far away from COOL thing ;p,  i think
there are cool way to do this!.

Thanks before!
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