bugfix commits since 5.15 not marked with Cc: stable

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Hello Coly,

I was looking through the commits between 5.15 and the latest kernel 
release. It looks like the following commits may benefit from being marked 
for inclusion in the stable kernel trees.

Is there any reason that any of these should be excluded from the stable 
release kernels?

	d55f7cb2e5c0 bcache: fix error info in register_bcache()
	7b1002f7cfe5 bcache: fixup bcache_dev_sectors_dirty_add() multithreaded CPU false sharing
	a1a2d8f0162b bcache: avoid unnecessary soft lockup in kworker update_writeback_rate()

	# These two depend on each other, so apply both or neither:
	0259d4498ba4 bcache: move calc_cached_dev_sectors to proper place on backing device detach
	aa97f6cdb7e9 bcache: fix NULL pointer reference in cached_dev_detach_finish

If they look good to you then I will write an email to the stable list.


Eric Wheeler

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