Re: [LAD] Happy birthday, LAC! 20 years, and..going? Strong?

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On Tue, 14 Mar 2023 14:14:47 +0100
Frank Neumann <beachnase@xxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi all,
>not posting to any of LA* mailing lists often in the last years, but today I thought
>I should make an exception to point out that it's now exactly 20 years ago that the
>first Linux Audio Conference or "LAC" for short (then still called "Linux Audio
>Developer's Meeting") took place at the ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany.
>Wow, 20 years come and gone so quickly! It's great to see a couple of "early
>adopters" are still around today here, and many new names have entered the scene
>in the meantime and left/leave a lasting footprint in it.
>As a quick "trip down memory lane", here's a short list of things that happened back then:
>- Takashi Iwai dove into the innards of an ALSA driver
>- Fernando Lopez-Lezcano introduced the PlanetCCRMA distribution, based on Fedora
>- Steve Harris explained the concept of a Bode frequency shifter as a LADSPA plugin
>- Paul Davis held the keynote, AND spoke about JACK, AND shared his experience of writing
>  a DAW that is at the forefront of free, open-source and cross-platform DAWs today.
>- Dave Philipps looked at the historic development of Linux audio, from OSS to ALSA and beyond
>- Jörn Nettingsmeier managed to get the audio part of the presentations both recorded AND live-streamed
>  at a time when "streaming" was still a term unknown to most of us.
>- The term "Linux Sound Night" already existed, but was..perhaps not as musical yet as you might have expected :-).
>- And, we also learned that schedules are not easy to keep - I believe after the first day we
>  ran some >2 hours late, and people begin to STARVE.
>- Posing in front of the ZKM "Kubus":
>For some more memories, see also
>Of course, on the downside it has to be noted that Corona has impacted us too -
>after an almost perfect track record of conferences or mini-conferences every year,
>2021 and 2022 didn't see any event happening. There is a certain risk now that it
>won't recover, but that's in our hands to change (sidenote: I have talked to my
>contacts at ZKM here in Karlsruhe in January, but they are unable to finance and/or
>organize an event of this size at the moment  - certainly somewhat influenced by
>current economics, but I am hearing ZKM has actually reduced their headcount quite
>a bit, and after the recent passing of its artistic-scientific chairman, Peter
>Weibel, it will have to be seen how his successor, Alistair Hudson, will steer
>it into the future).
>Whatever LAC's future will be, free and open-source audio software is certainly
>flourishing, and will continue to do so. It just would be soo nice to enjoy the
>results together with real, tangible people :-\.
>If anyone sees an option for hosting a future LAC, lac-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>is willing to listen to proposals you might have (or just discuss it right here).
>Well, the heck - there is no steering committee or anything in place, so I guess
>the first one brave enough to say "I think we can do it" will get the job :-).
>I am forever grateful to all the folks who have enriched and continue to enrich
>our open-source audio life by writing or presenting software, creating
>documentation and tutorials, hosting (AND attending) conferences like the LAC,
>and whatever else helps to keep the penguin dancing!
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Thanks a lot for that Frank, and especially all those links! That's quite a
roll-call there, and I know most of the people (at least by name).
I can't remember when I first attended - just as a visitor. Mid 2000s I think,
but have thoroughly enjoyed them all!

Incidentally, I've made several attempts to get various UK unis interested over
quite a few years, but out of about a dozen emails, or letters I've so far not
had a single response. Maybe I'm "holding it wrong" :(

Will J Godfrey {apparently now an 'elderly'}
Say you have a poem and I have a tune.
Exchange them and we can both have a poem, a tune, and a song.
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