Re: LADSPA saturation plugin for slight colouration

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[Jeanette C.]
> I'm looking for a LADSPA plugin that can add some slight colouration for the 
> bright modern pop sound. So far I found the CAPS Saturation plugin (ID 1771), 
> which I have used, but is rather heavy handed. There's the Valve Saturation 
> (ID 1209), which I also think is a strong effect. I haven't had any experience 
> with the Invada saturation nor the CAPS compressor/saturating limiter.

i'm not quite sure what the sound is you're looking for but i think
you want a combination of a compressor feeding a *very* gentle

i haven't used #1771 in a while but i think that as with steve's #1209
you need to keep the gain/drive at an absolute minimum, just allow the
compressor attack overshoot to add some harmonics.

the caps compressor/limiter is probably not capable of producing the
clear timbre i would associate with bright modern pop.

cheers, tim
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