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Hey hey,
Here's Hermann's mill:
OGG version:
First a big thanks to Fons for Aeolus and helping me with a preset file to change stops via MIDI.

The inspiration for this was Philip Glass Music with changing parts. I'm not into minimal music, I don't have the patience or ability for the kind of trance. So I always waited for the "drop". I was always smitten though by the beginning of the piece. So working from that, I came up with hHermann's mill.

The name is actually a bad musician's joke. :( At some point I use a chord progression collectively known as an omnibus. This particular one has a German name "Devil's mill". So I picked one devil that I could think of. It's definitely mr Meyer, whose Guitarix plugins I very much love!

Other instruments used: Yoshimi for the synthesized organ, LinuxSampler for the trumpets and hardware: Behringer Neutron and Arturia Minibrute 2 for the synth basses and leads.

Cool your heels in the dark of the cave and enjoy! :)

Best wishes,


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