Re: Behringer UMC1820 experiences and sync settings?

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David Kastrup <dak@xxxxxxx> writes:


> At the same time, they have a few hits as well which not only have a
> great price but actually also good value.  Off of the top of my head I
> can think of the BCF2000 MIDI controller and the B-5 microphone.

Former BCF2000 owner here, I couldn't agree more.  Although there
apparently have been durability issues with the BCF2000 as well.  I put
mine away for a few years, and when I tried to use it again, the USB
port had died.  As a fan of motorized faders, I quickly found the MOTÖR
49 which is even more of a joy for a hardware controller with motorized
faders.  Built my whole home studio around this interface, and love it.

But thats basically OT for what the original poster was asking.  Just my
2 cents.

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