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Thanks for the kind words, we each have to find our voice, the channel is my path towards this. Just trying to make something I enjoy myself.

Re: Ardour. Sorry bout that :-)

Thanks for listening, highly appreciated!

Den man. 2. maj 2022 kl. 14.47 skrev Paul Davis <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Impressively different style from most modular performances that I tend to see these days. Enjoyable groove, nicely in the pocket, and some good voicings everywhere else.

Sad that Ardour couldn't meet your needs, but there's a DAW for everyone :)

On Mon, May 2, 2022 at 2:33 AM Atte Jensen <atte.jensen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Lurking more than posting, hope it's ok to share a track, I posted on my youtube channel yesterday...

As some of you may know, I'm all into modular now, but use linux native reaper for recording performances in one pass, and subsequently mix everything. These last couple of months, I went ahead and also started editing the video in reaper, which is streamlining the process a lot. I generally suck at video stuff, so unfortunately I have to rely on kdenlive for color corrections and de-noising videos, which obviously adds an annoying extra step. I hope reaper will grow its video editing in the future, and be able to keep everything in one piece of software.

The track is jazz-of-some-sorts, sequenced from the modular, with a few hardware synths thrown in for polyphony and other things impractical in a modular environment. Oh, and a keyboard solo on the blofeld (quite recent acquisition, absolutely love this synth).

Anyways, hope you enjoy it:

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