Re: Analysis of monophonic audio signals on the commandline

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Hi Fons,
and first of all many thanks for coming to my aid, yet again!

Feb 27 2022, Fons Adriaensen has written:
A sonogram is a 2D picture. Curves for e.g. frequency or amplitude as
a function of time can be reduced to 1D, probably making the presentation
Hm, if such images are clean, I suppose a program can be written to
translate the sonogram to values.

I know of experiments with a 2D 'bed of needles' (like a Braille display
but 2D) that with some training allows blind people to 'see' images.
This is probably beyond reach.
Definitely. I've seen those. As you say though, looking at the shape is
just an aid.

2D representations of all kind are unfeasible really.

I think I'd have to go with pure numbers representation and then at
least identifying peaks in amplitude and pitch spitting them out with

Thanks for clarifying the issues at hand and putting them so concisely.
That alone has sparked off a few ideas, be they not as conclusive as I
may have hoped. But real data from living organisms no less would have
the unpredictability.

Best wishes and thanks again,


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