RE: Pull request for OMAP PM, clock, SDRC 2.6.32 patches

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Hi Paul,

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> Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 7:36 AM
> To: Russell King - ARM Linux

> > I'm afraid to say that I think you've left it far too late to send this.
> > I did set a date of the 16th as being the final date to sort out stuff
> > (which was flexible to a degree) but since these patches were only posted
> > on Saturday, and they're still being discussed, I don't think it would
> > make sense for me to pull it today.
> I've dropped the two patches that are being discussed and reposted the
> remainder.  The updated series is here (et seq.):
> and the pull request is here:

Does this series conflict with patches already submitted on OMAP4?

I'm not able to check now but its best to be careful here.

Richard W.

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