Re: [PATCH v4] docs: dt-bindings: add DTS Coding Style document

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On 03/12/2023 21:25, Dragan Simic wrote:
>> +Order of Properties in Device Node
>> +----------------------------------
>> +
>> +The following order of properties in device nodes is preferred:
>> +
>> +1. compatible
>> +2. reg
>> +3. ranges
>> +4. Standard/common properties (defined by common bindings, e.g. 
>> without
>> +   vendor-prefixes)
>> +5. Vendor-specific properties
>> +6. status (if applicable)
>> +7. Child nodes, where each node is preceded with a blank line
> Another small suggestion...  It would be good to put the property names 
> found in the list items, such as "compatible" and "status", into 
> quotation marks, to make it obvious what they are.  That way, the list 
> would also be more consistent with the property names mentioned in the 
> sentence right below.

If there is going to be new version, I'll implement it. Otherwise it is
pickiness over style, not content essence.

Best regards,

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