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+Order of Properties in Device Node
+The following order of properties in device nodes is preferred:
+1. compatible
+2. reg
+3. ranges
+4. Standard/common properties (defined by common bindings, e.g. without
+   vendor-prefixes)
+5. Vendor-specific properties
+6. status (if applicable)
+7. Child nodes, where each node is preceded with a blank line

Another small suggestion... It would be good to put the property names found in the list items, such as "compatible" and "status", into quotation marks, to make it obvious what they are. That way, the list would also be more consistent with the property names mentioned in the sentence right below.

+The "status" property is by default "okay", thus it can be omitted.
+The above-described ordering follows this approach:
+1. Most important properties start the node: compatible then bus addressing to
+   match unit address.
+2. Each node will have common properties in similar place.
+3. Status is the last information to annotate that device node is or is not
+   finished (board resources are needed).

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