Re: [PATCH 1/3] dt-bindings: mfd: qcom,spmi-pmic: Add pm8916 vm-bms and lbc

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On 17/09/2023 10:54, Nikita Travkin wrote:

>>>>> +  "^battery@[0-9a-f]+$":
>>>>> +    type: object
>>>>> +    oneOf:
>>>>> +      - $ref: /schemas/power/supply/qcom,pm8916-bms-vm.yaml#
>>>> That's just ref, so no need for oneOf... unless you already think this
>>>> will grow with different schemas like the charger below?
>>> Yes, I think some other PMICs have different battery/fuel-gauge
>>> blocks too so I'd like to have some room for expansion here.
>> There is always room. Which other device will have different battery
>> charger?
> I know of non-"VM" BMS block in PM8226. It's used on some Nokia
> devices that people were working on so I expect it to appear in
> the future.
> There is also some BMS block in more modern PM6150 that I've
> seen being looked at by people interested in bringing sm7125
> phones upstream.
> Both of those, to my knowledge, are completely different from
> this VM-BMS block, which I believe was present in the generation
> of pm8916, pm8909 and was abandoned again shortly after...

OK, sounds good.

Best regards,

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