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You can use classfull qdisc like:

level1: qdisc 1:0 eth0

leve1: class 1:1 1Gbps

level1: class 1:2 parrent 1:1 speed 100Mbps

level2: qdisc 2:0 on class 1:2

level2: class 2:1 speed 100Mbps

level2: class 2:2 parrent 2:1 speed 70Mpb fwmark 0x7

level2: class 2:3 parrent 2:1 speed 80Mpb fwmark 0x8

filter level1: attache to qdisc 1:0 redirect traffic to class 1:2 base
on ip src/dst address
filter leve2: attache to qdisc 2:0 redirect traffic to class 2:x base on
fwmark dont use ip src/dst filter here

W dniu 06.09.2018 o 05:35, Martin A. Brown pisze:
> Hello there,
>>  I'm having a hard time determining the best approach for
>> collectively rate limiting multiple classes of traffic.
>>  I think the best way to describe what I'm trying to accomplish is by
>> example.  Let's say that you do not want to allow more than 100Mb/s
>> out of an interface.   But you also want to impose additional limits
>> on certain types of traffic.  So for example, you want traffic with
>> fwmark 0x7 limited to at most 70Mb/s and traffic with fwmark 0x8
>> limited to at most 80Mb/s.  What kind of setup would be recommended
>> for this type of scenario?
> Others on this list who have more current experience with the 
> traffic control tooling may have a better answer for a recommended 
> setup, however, I will offer my answer below, to your question about 
> HTB and setting up nested classes.
>>  One idea was having a root HTB class for the interface with a rate
>> and ceil of 100Mb/s.   Then have subclasses with rate 0 and ceils of
>> 80Mb/s and 70Mb/s.  However, I'm not allowed to set a zero rate.
>>  I don't want to guarantee any amount of bandwidth for a particular
>> class, I only want to impose limits.  I get the feeling that I should
>> use an entirely different approach.   Does anyone have a suggestion?
> Why not use 1Mb/s rate for each of the leaf classes?  Or, actually, 
> anything non-zero.
> I think there's a conceptual piece you are missing with HTB.  When 
> you set the rate, you are not actually reserving anything at all.  
> You are simply setting the rate at which the borrowing / sharing 
> mechanisms kick into play.
> What you want to avoid is a case where the sum of the rates of the 
> leaf(most) classes exceed the ceiling of any of the parent classes.  
> Last I knew, HTB had no detection of this, so you could essentially 
> write a configuration that would allow you to send more in the 
> leaf(most) classes than a ceil in a parent class.
> So, probably pick some very low bitrate for your fwmark 0x8 and 
> fwmark 0x7 classes and then set the ceil to be the maximum for each 
> class.
> Good luck,
> -Martin

Adam Nieścierowicz

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