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  I'm having a hard time determining the best approach for
collectively rate limiting multiple classes of traffic.

  I think the best way to describe what I'm trying to accomplish is by
example.  Let's say that you do not want to allow more than 100Mb/s
out of an interface.   But you also want to impose additional limits
on certain types of traffic.  So for example, you want traffic with
fwmark 0x7 limited to at most 70Mb/s and traffic with fwmark 0x8
limited to at most 80Mb/s.  What kind of setup would be recommended
for this type of scenario?

  One idea was having a root HTB class for the interface with a rate
and ceil of 100Mb/s.   Then have subclasses with rate 0 and ceils of
80Mb/s and 70Mb/s.  However, I'm not allowed to set a zero rate.

  I don't want to guarantee any amount of bandwidth for a particular
class, I only want to impose limits.  I get the feeling that I should
use an entirely different approach.   Does anyone have a suggestion?



-- <>

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