How to best rate limit and employ fq_codel or cake as a small ISP

Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control

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Hi There,
  I run a small ISP. I am in the process of building out a new
centralized traffic management system which enforces our bandwidth
plans. What I am struggling with is if it is possibly to use fq_codel
or cake within, or perhaps as a subclass of, the rate limited flow of
a single customer.  For instance, let's assume I have a customer with
a 10Mbpsx10Mbps data plan (contrived example...). Currently when they
are consuming the full 10x10 unless their router is employing cake or
fq_codel, their experience becomes unpleasant. I'd like to be able to
employ fq_codel or cake on their behalf such that when they are
hitting their limits (which I am imposing) Their overall experience is
not terrible. Is this doable on a single system?

   Thanks in advance,
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