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Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control

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Hi Phil,

>I'm in the process of writing man pages for tc actions. Sadly I wasn't
>able to figure everything out by searching the web, grepping Git log or
>reading kernel/iproute2 code. Therefore I present a number of open
>questions here, hoping for you to help me work things out. Please feel
>free to answer selected questions as well, any input is highly

[snip some good detail already]

>OK, that's it for now. (At least these are my 'XXX' entries right now,
>review will probably arise more questions later.)

I wish I knew more about the usage of 'action' in tc command-lines, 
but I do not.  I am also interested in your progress here, as this 
is an under-documented corner of the network stack.  Whenever I 
think of this section of the traffic control subsystem, I think of 
Jamal Hadi Salim, who seems to be one of the key players involved in 
its design (or maybe just usage).

Several years ago, when I was trying to grasp the system as a whole, 
there was not too much documentation on the 'action' component of 
the tc command line.

During last year's netdev 0.1 conference, it seems that there were 
two papers delivered that may provide some clues.  I just discovered 
today, when I looked for anything with Jamal's name on it.  I 
haven't read them yet, so if they are not directly relevant, then 
oops, apologies!  Here they are:

(It seems that there's a video of one of the presentations on the 
YouTube, as well.  Maybe I should view it.)

If you know of other sources of documentation other than the kernel 
and tc source, I would also be interested.

Good luck,


Martin A. Brown
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