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Гаврилов Игорь wrote:
I am not sure if this should work or not.
In all examples this worked, But I can't test it on old kenels - I
use 3.10.

If there is no/low incoming traffic to this box then you could
shape on egress.
Unfortunately  this is not an option. The single case, where IFB
could be a problem, and you can't shape on egress interface is when
you have traffic to/from router. There is IPSec tunnels from WAN
interface, and I need to share bandwidth dynamically between regular
internet traffic and IPSec.

Generally I would avoid redirecting protocol all then restricting
htb default - you may end up dropping arp.
I have dedicated class for ARP.

Ok, I can't easily test old kernels either.

I did a quick test on my desktop with a recent git kernel and it doesn't
work for me either.

The same test (using ifb) does work on egress.

Adding a printk shows a call to nf_ct_get(skb, &ctinfo)

returns NULL which makes flow fallback to dst.
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