Re: The "tc filter .. police" command does not have parameter "limit"

Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control

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Fengyu Gao wrote:

I have a question about the "tc filter ... police" command. This
command is similar to the token bucket filter. Under Linux, ingress
traffic can be redirected to an imq or ifb, then you can apply a tbf

However, tbf has an important parameter "limit", which is the size
of the buffer for waiting packets, and it is different from the
"burst" parameter. In the "tc filter ... police" command, there does
not seem to be a "limit" parameter, and there seems to be no document
or discussions about it. Digging into the Linux kernel might be a
bit difficult for me. So my question is what is the buffer size in
this case?

Policers do not buffer and as a result can be a bit aggressive.

IIRC the burst parameter is like a virtual buffer but policers
never hold the packets  - just pass or drop.

Personally I would rather shape but then you have to consider latency
added by buffering. To avoid this you may need to classify traffic to
give latency sensitive priority.

fq_codel could be worth investigating as a single qdisc alternative to a

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