Re: [RFC] TDX module configurability of 0x80000008

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On Thu, 2024-04-25 at 15:53 -0700, Sean Christopherson wrote:
> > Hmm. I'll mention this, but I don't see why KVM needs the TDX module to
> > filter
> > it. It seems in the range of userspace being allowed to create nonsense
> > configurations that only hurt its own guest.
> Because the whole point of TDX is to protect the guest from the bad, naughty
> host?

DOS naughtiness by the host is allowed though.

> > If we think the TDX module should do it, then maybe we should have KVM
> > sanity
> > filter these out today in preparation.
> Nope.  KVM isn't in the guest's TCB, TDX is.
>   KVM's stance is that userspace is
> responsible for providing a sane vCPU model, because defining what is "sane"
> is
> extremely difficult unless the definition is super prescriptive, a la TDX. 
> E.g. letting the host map something that TDX's spec says will cause #VE would
> create a novel attack surface.

I thought that the shared half could be mapped in that range unless KVM gets
involved. But, no, as long as we tie GPAW, 23:16, ept-level all together, then
mapping something above it won't even make sense.

I don't see attack surface risk immediately. I expect this will get more
internal scrutiny in that regard though.

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