Re: [PATCH 0/6] KVM: Remove uses of struct page from x86 and arm64 MMU

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Excerpts from Paolo Bonzini's message of June 25, 2021 1:35 am:
> On 24/06/21 14:57, Nicholas Piggin wrote:
>> KVM: Fix page ref underflow for regions with valid but non-refcounted pages
> It doesn't really fix the underflow, it disallows mapping them in the 
> first place.  Since in principle things can break, I'd rather be 
> explicit, so let's go with "KVM: do not allow mapping valid but 
> non-reference-counted pages".
>> It's possible to create a region which maps valid but non-refcounted
>> pages (e.g., tail pages of non-compound higher order allocations). These
>> host pages can then be returned by gfn_to_page, gfn_to_pfn, etc., family
>> of APIs, which take a reference to the page, which takes it from 0 to 1.
>> When the reference is dropped, this will free the page incorrectly.
>> Fix this by only taking a reference on the page if it was non-zero,
> s/on the page/on valid pages/ (makes clear that invalid pages are fine 
> without refcounting).

That seems okay, you can adjust the title or changelog as you like.

> Thank you *so* much, I'm awful at Linux mm.

Glad to help. Easy to see why you were taking this approach because the 
API really does need to be improved and even a pretty intwined with mm 
subsystem like KVM shouldn't _really_ be doing this kind of trick (and
it should go away when old API is removed).


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