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Avi Kivity wrote:
>>>> Where/how does the
>>>> migration code disable dirty logging?
>>> Should be phase 3 of ram_save_live().
>> But only in qemu-kvm. What is the plan about pushing it upstream? Then
>> we could discuss how to extend the exiting support best.
> Pushing things upstream is quite difficult because of the very different
> infrastructure.

Isn't the midterm goal to get rid of most of these differences (namely

> It's unfortunate that upstream rewrote everything
> instead of changing things incrementally.  Rewrites are almost always a
> mistake since they throw away accumulated knowledge.

I disagree, at least in this particular case. Upstream already diverged
from qemu-kvm, and the latter provided no comparable alternative for
slot management and dirty logging. And I still don't see that we lost
anything that could not easily be re-integrated into upstream (ie.
global dirty logging), finally leading to a cleaner and more complete

So, what bits are missing to make KVM migration work in upstream?


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Corporate Competence Center Embedded Linux
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