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After a lengthy testing phase, qemu-kvm.git has replaced kvm-userspace.git as the source repository for kvm userspace development.

Differences from kvm-userspace.git are as follows:
- everything under qemu/ has been moved to the top-level directory
- everything not under qemu/ has been moved under a new top-level
directory, kvm/
- all qemu subversion commits have been rewritten to be compatible with
what will become the master qemu git repository
- all branches and tags have been converted
- qemu-kvm.git builds standalone (does not require kvm.git)

The repository is compatible with upstream qemu.git; merges and cherry-picking will work fine in either direction

Still missing:
- I have not tested powerpc or ia64.  Patches welcome!
- testsuite (kvm/user/ directory) does not build


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