Re: [PATCH v12 0/3] Add trusted_for(2) (was O_MAYEXEC)

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On 07/10/2021 00:03, Kees Cook wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 09, 2021 at 07:15:42PM +0200, Mickaël Salaün wrote:
>> There was no new reviews, probably because the FS maintainers were busy,
>> and I was focused on Landlock (which is now in -next), but I plan to
>> send a new patch series for trusted_for(2) soon.
> Hi!
> Did this ever happen? It looks like it's in good shape, and I think it's
> a nice building block for userspace to have. Are you able to rebase and
> re-send this?

I just sent it:

Some Signed-off-by would be appreciated. :)

> I've tended to aim these things at akpm if Al gets busy. (And since
> you've had past review from Al, that should be hopefully sufficient.)
> Thanks for chasing this!
> -Kees

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