Re: Clarification regarding USB Data Card (Dongle) enumeration in Linux udev

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On Mon, May 05, 2014 at 09:13:08AM +0530, Suresh Kumar N. wrote:
> Dear Greg,
> Data Card here refers to 3G Dongle.

There is not any "standard" for these.

> Yes, it is right; device enumeration depends on the device itself.
> But, there must be some guideline defined regarding the same.
> As per the link ( USB device
> cannot be enumerated as Network controllers, please correct me if
> something has been overlooked.

Not true, I have a usb network device right here.

> Would all 3G Dongle devices be enumerated as "ACM USB modems"?

Not at all, some show up as a custom USB to serial device, some as a
network device, and others as a ACM modem.

Again, look at the USB descriptors in the device, that will tell you how
the device is to be communicated with.

greg k-h
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